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FREE 2-DAY US SHIPPING for orders over $100
FREE 2-DAY US SHIPPING for orders over $100
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Our Story

Our Mission

We are devoted to embracing and celebrating our ages, experience, and individuality. We want to flip the script when it comes to society’s long standing, misguided perceptions and assumptions about aging. Younger doesn’t equal better.

We are not only dedicated to helping people achieve more youthful, luminous looking skin, but also enriching every aspect of their lives. True beauty is about individual confidence, courage and style. We want to help re-define what it means to be truly beautiful at any age…inside & out.

Origin Story

Our founder, Jacqueline Journey, became truly passionate about clean skincare and created Youth Potion N°9 after she and her husband were both diagnosed with cancer. During a routine skin cancer screening after her diagnosis, she was prescribed a topical drug to treat her long-term rosacea. She soon discovered this medicine had received a “black-box” warning from the FDA years earlier due to a possible cancer risk.

Completely appalled by this discovery, Jaq became obsessed with learning all she could about what was going into her skincare. She began working to create the perfect skincare elixir that would satisfy our unique skincare needs with clean, multi-tasking ingredients that actually get results. Jaq Journey’s Youth Potion N°9 is the product of years of research, hard work, and a lot of love.


Live Your Best Life

Join our like-minded community who are celebrating their age, looking and feeling better than ever & living their best lives. We’ll cover everything from collagen, to confidence, to couture!

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