Need a Confidence Boost?

Stop kicking off your day with all of the problems you have to face, and worrying about how you’re going to resolve them. Worrying never solved anything and only makes you more anxious.

These 5 incredibly easy ways to boost your confidence can transform how other’s see you and more importantly, how you see yourself.

1) Start your day in a positive way – say out loud (or even better write down in a journal) at least three things you are grateful for. Being grateful starts your day on the right foot and gets you thinking positively.

2) Watch your body posture- when you are leaning forward or looking at the floor it erodes your confidence and sends the wrong message to people around you. Even on a zoom call! Sit up & stand up straight!

3) Eye contact is so critical. Don’t look away or down at the floor when speaking to someone (in person or on video call.) It makes a huge difference in how you feel and how others will respond to you.

4) Don’t procrastinate and hesitate too long. We sometimes wait way too long before doing something that makes us anxious or a bit nervous. Asking for a raise, starting a new exercise program, pursuing a new career, so many things! Don’t do it! Think it through, make a decision (don’t take too long with that either!) Then just do it! Countdown 3-2-1 and go! Once you become someone of action you’ll instantly have more confidence and it will be easier the next time you are facing a bit of uncertainty! Inaction and hesitation give you too much time to doubt yourself and create more reasons why it will never work or you’re not good enough. Ignore those thoughts, don’t give them the time to take root- seize opportunities – don’t miss out on them.

5) Lastly, take an extra few minutes to look your best! We’ve all been home a lot more and getting used to our comfy clothes, but how you look and how you dress effects not only how others perceive you but also how you perceive yourself! It’s called enclothed cognition. Do your hair, put on clean, unwrinkled clothes that suit your style and make you feel good. This alone will make you feel more confident because you are giving yourself the attention and care you should be. When you make the effort to look your best, you’re telling yourself and everyone you see that you’re worth it.

Time to take action. You’ve got this!



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