Meet Our Founder

Welcome! My name is Jaq Journey. I'm a 52 year old TV host and producer. I tried every skincare product I could get my hands on until one day, I was diagnosed with cancer. Thank God, I caught mine really early. But, as a result of this scary diagnosis and all we’d just been through with my husband who had survived stage four cancer only a couple of years earlier, I started questioning everything we put on our bodies. 

I was horrified to find out my prescription rosacea cream had been given the FDA’s strongest black box warning because it had the potential to cause cancer with repeated use! This was something I was applying to my face every single day, as prescribed by my dermatologist! I thought, if my doctor would give this to me after a cancer diagnosis, what in the world is in my over-the counter-skincare!?! Sure, some of them worked pretty well, but at what cost?  

That’s when my deep dive into skincare to discover a safe solution that actually worked began. I was shocked by what I found out and knew it wasn’t worth it to risk my health or well-being. I knew I could find a better way. So, I swore off botox and fillers, and became obsessed with researching skincare ingredients and strategies until I found a way to get the skin I always dreamed of, safely and effectively. 


Our Mission

We are devoted to embracing and celebrating our ages, experience, and individuality. We want to flip the script when it comes to society’s long standing, misguided perceptions and assumptions about aging. Younger doesn’t equal better.

We are not only dedicated to helping people achieve more youthful, luminous looking skin, but also enriching every aspect of their lives. True beauty is about individual confidence, courage and style. We want to help re-define what it means to be truly beautiful at any age…inside & out.

Check out Jaq's book "The Diva's in the Details: The Celebrity & CEO Inspired Guide to Confidence, Courage, and Style"