5 Steps To Reduce Wrinkles Without Botox, Fillers Or Risky Ingredients

I’m a 52 year old TV Host who’s never had botox, fillers or face lifts. This is my must-do list to prevent & reduce wrinkles.


SPF, SPF & More SPF!

You may be saying, “SPF, of course,” but do you apply anywhere the sun shines? How about your hands? Hands are a dead giveaway when it comes to giving away your age and they are generally more exposed to environmental stressors and need protection.

Always wear UVB SPF 30+ rain or shine and be consistent! Don’t forget to re-apply throughout the day. The sun is one of youthful looking skin’s worst enemies. It leads to wrinkles, fine lines & age spots.

Remember it’s never too late to start. I literally used to lay out in the sun on tin foil to get a better tan (without SPF, even on my face.) Now, I don’t leave home without my SPF.


Cleanse & Exfoliate the Right Way!

I’m convinced I would get up and wash my face in the morning even if I was sleep walking. Every morning. Every night. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are over 35, start looking into milk and cream cleansers that are gentler on your skin. Sometimes you may need to wash twice to get off all the make-up and dirt of the day. Unwashed skin leads to faster aging.

Exfoliate, generally 1–3 times a week depending on your age and individual skin. (Less may be better as you get older.) Exfoliation is key in removing dead skin cells and keeping the skin looking fresh and glowing. It is also a critical step in prepping your skin so that your skincare products will penetrate the skin better and be more effective! Think gentle, effective & natural for best results.


Skincare Musts: Clean & Botanically Based!

We lose 1% of our collagen EVERY YEAR starting at age 20, so it’s critical to protect and rebuild it for more youthful, firmer and fabulous skin.

When selecting your skincare, don’t skimp on yourself. You need a multi-hero, botanically based, collagen boosting superhero. Look for ingredients like Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Antioxidants and protectors like Blue Sea Kale. All of these and more are in my brand-new sumptuous Youth Potion #9! A unique bi-phase transformational Essence + Serum all in one. I can’t live without it.


Food, Drink & Supplements!

Eat lots of citrus fruits, berries, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, sunflower seeds, almonds, avocados, cruciferous vegetables (think broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage) pasture raised eggs and wild fish. Try to avoid caffeine, processed foods and sugar whenever possible. It may not be easy, but the results are amazing. This especially helps with breakouts and dull looking skin.

Great supplements include aloe (one of my favorites) collagen, ginseng, algae and vitamin C. Collagen boosting supplements can have side effects so you may want to consult your doctor. Some include joint pain, allergic reactions and calcium overproduction.


At Home Treatments!

To take this to the next level without going to the Medspa or doctors office, try an in-home spa like treatment that is designed to boost your collagen production from the comfort of your couch!

One I love is the Gua Sha stone facial massage. Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine, its anti-aging properties work by reducing puffiness under the eyes and relieving tension. Tip: Apply a great calming, healing and collagen boosting serum before facial massage to work it into the skin and give the stone a little bit of “slip.”

Collagen boosting red light therapy masks (some have other colors like blue light too which as an added bonus will address blemishes and future breakouts.) These are quick and easy, some you leave on for only 3 minuteson clean skin. If using light therapy apply a moisturizing, clean serum after to soothe, hydrate and pamper your skin.

We offer one of these fabulous facial massage stones in a beautiful white jade. Apply your favorite serum, like Youth Potion N°9, which blends all of the amazing ingredients listed about above, and then massage into the skin with your Gua Sha stone and stimulate that collagen production!



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