Beauty Devices You Need In 2023

Next Level Your Beauty Routine With Awesome At Home Devices

The beauty industry is making leaps and bounds when it comes to alternative, effective at -home treatments. We all want products and devices that can replicate the beneficial effects of a cosmetic procedure without the same old needles, pain, downtime and big price-tags.

Here are some of the highest trending, non-invasive types of devices that can help you next level your skincare from the comfort of your couch! We’ve now got options!!!...We’ll call them “Notox tweakments.”

1. Light Therapy

These devices are all the rage! From full on face masks with multiple colors of LED light that help with everything from fine lines to acne and dark spots. Check out products from LightStim ($249), Dr. Dennis Gross ($160-$455), CurrentBody ($189- $2495) and if you really want to splurge look into the LYMA Laser. ($2695)

2. Nanocurrent / Microcurrent

Devices like the one’s from ZIIP Beauty ($495) & NuFACE Trinity (starting at $209 for the mini - $339+ for the regular size) are used to help lift, sculpt, and tone your facial muscles without having to make a trip to the Med-Spa!

3. Ultrasonic Facial & Pore Cleansers

Starting with clean skin is incredibly important to help your skincare products do the best they can do. I love my Foreo LUNA 4 cleansing & facial massager. ($279) For pore extraction, I have been using the Dermaflash DERMAPORE which also works as a Serum Infuser. ($99)

4. Exfoliation Devices

Although I don’t use it as often as it is recommended, I like my Dermaflash LUXE+ anti-aging, exfoliation & peach fuzz remover. ($199) Again, great for prepping the skin and as an added bonus, make-up applies better to your skin.

5. Sound Waves

Haven’t tried this one yet, but have heard good things about the Shani Darden Skin Care Wand. According to it’s marketing it’s “a first-of-its-kind sculpting device using sound wave technology that targets crow’s feet and nasolabial lines and more, giving skin a firmer, smoother appearance.” ($399)

*Prices quoted may change or vary depending on where and when you purchase

Let us know how you like these or if you have any great recommendations of your own!



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