One Skincare Product To Rule Them All!

OK, yes, I am a Lord of the Rings fan 🙂

I am also a 52 year old TV producer & host who has never done botox, fillers or the like.

After my husband & I both had a bout with cancer (his stage four head and neck cancer was far more challenging and devastating than my own early diagnosis) I started questioning everything we put on our bodies and with good reason. I found out my own dermatologist had prescribed me a product for my rosacea that had been given the FDA’s strongest black box warning because it had the potential to cause cancer!

When I couldn’t find anything on the market for more youthful looking skin that had the ingredients, quality and effectiveness I was looking for, I began a long and winding journey to create my own. It took years of testing and trying, but I am so incredibly proud of my Youth Potion N°9. It truly has been a labor of love and a privilege to provide quality skincare to all of you who want more youthful looking skin but don’t want to compromise.

I am so thrilled with my Youth Potion N°9 results. My skin looks incredible. Even my long-term rosacea has gone away completely, I no longer need a prescription for it.

I just wanted to thank you all for inviting me into your inboxes and sharing this journey with me. If you have any questions about your skin, skincare or would like to learn more about my amazing Youth Potion N°9, we are always here.




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